• Vern Li     Managing Director-Quality

    Vern is the founder of ProFAB. With over 20 years of inspection and fabrication experience on structural steel onshore and offshore. Vern have been certified as CWI  NACE II.

    His rich experience on mega projects such as, Chevron offshore DW Module (DWMP) project, Origin Power LNG projec-t and Russia YAMAL LNG Module project, could bring our team advanced management idea and shape our way doing pro-ject in a method that our clients satisfied.

  • Steven Ge     Managing Director-Commercial

    Steven joined ProFAB in May 2017 following 6 years as business Manager for a top class machinery firm FAMSUN. Origin-ally a sales person and business coordinator, Steven is also a qualified and experienced project manager.

    Steven’s knowledge of the commercial environment in the construction sector across the range of subcontractors, suppliers,consultants, main contractors and clients is profound. He applied a broad focus on commercial aspects including estimating,project budget and contract items to help both clients and ProFAB work in a win-winsituation.

  • Paul Ju     Project Manager

    Paul joined ProFAB in 2017. Before that, he has worked for 18 years as fabrication manager. His experience on shop side could help us on cost saving and precise schedule making. Especially his knowledge on welding AWSD1.1, EN1090-2, AS/NZS 1554.1 make him an irreplaceable role in our team.

    As our promise that ProFAB always strive to manufacture zero defect quality steel, Paul will take every precaution to make sure every part is produced to perfection.